Standard Deviation Music

Catalog Overview as of May 1, 2015

group / artist writers represented # of works
Baker Street Irregulars** Brian McKnight 17
Charlie III Rex Knauer (Rev. Razor X), Robert May (Charlie III) 11
Cheap Flight Into Egypt Robert May (iGod) 4
Chord* Kyle Benjamin, Jason Hoffman, Sean McCarthy, Robert May (Phil Dole), Trevor Shelley-de Brauw 21
The Cult of Sue Todd Steven Perry 1
Dave Shameless (solo) Robert May (Dave Shameless) TBD
Deviant / Deviant & the Clones Robert May (Deviant) 162+
The Economy Robert May (Deviant) 9
El Demento Robert May (El Demento) 9
Eric Siegel** Eric Siegel 14
Harcourt Army Robert May (Mike Vantreight) 1
iGod Robert May (iGod) 10
iGod & Kenji Siratori Robert May (iGod), Kenji Siratori 10
Liam Warfield** Liam Warfield (Liam Idiot) 35
Mary John Jansen, John Maxwell, Robert May (Deviant), Michael Lewis 48
The Modiste Originals Robert May (Deviant) 17
Naked & Shameless Matt Harding (Buck F Naked), Chris Kovacs (Jim Naked), Peter Hess (Big Pete Naked), Robert May (Dave Shameless) 88
The New Heads Kent Lindsay (Egbert Picky Ninelives), "Digi" Phil Cloma 1
Noname & Shameless Peter Hess (Big Pete Naked), Robert May (Dave Shameless) TBD
Philo- Philo- 1
Pimmel Jason Brooks (Lord God Ooze), Robert May (Deviant) 12
Sharkula Robert May (iGod), Brian Wharton (Sharkula) 11
Six Inches Michael Lewis, Robert May (Deviant) 8
The Slow Poisoner* Robert May (Dave Shameless) 1
Sound In A Vacuum Scott Jackson 1
Terse Scott Jackson 1
The Travelling Winterpeggers John Maxwell, Robert May (Deviant), Joe Megalos 14
Vertical Laughter Robert May (Deviant) 16
X-Bax Robert May (Phil Dole) 83
Ye Godz! Ye Godz! 1
Zodiak Jeff Amon, BC, Matt Harding (Mr. Siggs), Tom Harding, Steve Haskin, Shawn Jones, Aaron Saari 6

* partial representation, requires additional permission from another publisher
** acting as admin

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