What I'm Doing Now...

Family Living in the heart of Culver City (Los Angeles) with wife Megan, the kids (3), the cats (2), and a newly acquired dog.
Still Tinkering Running my tiny label and it's offshoot enterprises.

Organizing my lifedata (work in progress).

Semi-technical webstuff.
Music Working on a dozen or so unfinished recording projects in a variety of genres. Recovering "lost" recordings from pre-digital projects.

Currently playing experimental/noise shows with X-Bax (as Phil Dole).
Writing Currently working on 3 titles, one fictionalized account of some of my collegiate hijinx called Spud and two rock memoirs: Tales From The Pit (rock anecdotes from both sides of the trenches) and Everybody Loves A Trainwreck (the Dave Shameless story). And a doctor recently suggested I do one on my lifestyle/health/body transformation, so maybe there's a fourth to do. Sadly, the only title that comes to mind so far is Fatty Wants Cake.