What I'm Doing Now...

Family Splitting time between Los Angeles and Bay Area with wife Megan, the amazing Saffron (whose sisters are now adults and mostly on their own, the cats Tim ("the asshole") and Max with the wonky ear, and the much Instagrammed "Sweet" Louise, a Staffy-Bulldog mix.
Still Tinkering Running my tiny label and it's offshoot enterprises.

Organizing my lifedata (endless work in progress).

Semi-technical webstuff.
Music Working on a dozen or so unfinished recording projects in a variety of genres. Recovering "lost" recordings from pre-digital projects.

Currently playing experimental/noise shows with X-Bax (as Phil Dole) and post-punk "acoustic" rock with Serious Long Beach (as Dave Serious).
Writing Currently working on 3 titles, one fictionalized account of some of my collegiate hijinx called Spud and two rock memoirs: Tales From The Pit (rock anecdotes from both sides of the trenches) and Everybody Loves A Trainwreck (the Dave Shameless story). And a doctor recently suggested I do one on my lifestyle/health/body transformation, so maybe there's a fourth to do. Sadly, the only title that comes to mind so far is Fatty Wants Cake.